[Current Regulator] First PCB and Microscope Lightning

Hello, It has been sometimes I didn’t write anything here. I had plenty of projects and things to do ;) At the beginning of this week I finally receive my seeedstudio (a little advertisement for their great quality services !) and as usual it was perfectly synchronized with something I need !

I receive my Olympus BHM microscope for IC reverse the previous day directly from USA, and need to change the light because of an old 110V only auto-transformer.

Olympus Tokyo 110V auto transformer
Olympus Tokyo 110V auto transformer

LED Mount FrontLED Mount SideMount View
So why not using a LED I just took an aluminium plate and drill holes for mounting in place of the light bulb mount. I put a 1 Watt only LED and it’s bright enough to do Brightfield observations, but not for Darkfield, I have some spare 2W LED, I’ll give it a try because my current regulator can go up to about 1A. For more about Microscope part stay tuned for an other blog post explaining why ;)

The PCB I receive is a 3 channel implementation of the current regulator you can see on previous blog post concerning this topic, I have some minor correction to do on the layout (size of sens resistor and change connectors), I need to implement the two other channel in software and add some protections and more precise regulation algorithm. I think I’ll add some Polyswitch(c) on the board too because short circuit are not handled quickly enough. I didn’t want to add some comparator to shutdown the board but I should have…

By the way the prototype running on my desk lamp is always up since November 2012 so I’m happy with that !
As usual you can access everything on my repository.

Current Regulator Schematic

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