[Scilab] Plot oscilloscope big csv export

Some days ago I tried to learn more about SPA (Simple Power Analysis attack), I take my Rigol scope and set the Long Memory Mode.

I stored the trace in CSV format on my usb key and searched for a way to print a csv with 1 Mega samples… You can forget about Gnumeric, LibreOffice or Excel, I found some « projects » but really nothing fancy (or even usable). Last option Scilab or Matlab. I tried Scilab some time ago and was a little disappointed (no documentation or resources). But it’s Free !

This time it was a good surprise, the console has the code/path completion and a variables watching window ! To be simple Scilab support CSV import and plotting without too much problems :)

First code (and really bad one, deprecated you can find on some website):

my_data = read_csv(filename);

Why bad one ? Because it will generate you a String Matrix with col_num * samples elements… And the only way to use that stuff later is to do an eval() on each… If you have some hours to lose that’s a good way :D

Second code ( the one I use):

stacksize("max"); //to avoid import problem
values = csvRead('NewFile0.csv', ',', '.', 'double'); //take care to set separator and decimal sign as you need

Full trace view (1M sample/1 channel)
full trace

Zoomed trace view

Deprecated read_csv – Function Help
csvRead – Function Help


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