[Scilab] Optimisations basiques

Quelques optimisations basique à utiliser dans Scilab (utilisées dans le cadre d’un récepteur GPS en soft). Le premier point est de supprimer les boucles: – Optimisation des multiplications entre éléments de deux matrices (attention pas la multiplication des matrices): for k = 1:SIZE      tmp_carrier(k) = prn_bpsk(k) * gps_data(k); end tmp_carrier = prn_bpsk .* gps_data; […]

[Misc] Réparation HUB USB

Pour une raison que je ne m’explique pas mon petit HUB USB 7 ports est mort (dans la soirée s’il vous plait, ce qui explique ma tentative de réparation).  Si vous avez un HUB USB de plus de 4 ports il y a fort à parier que ce soit deux chip séparés (4 ports chacun). […]

[Kicad] Component Schematic Generator

Following the little script for Kicad footprint I did one to speed up the schematic design of component. It basically generate a schematic file from a CSV source and place pin on good pages. Here is the script The CSV format is: Package Name Package Name Page NAME TYPE For example: LFBGA144;LFBGA144_PAGE;LQFP144;LQFP144_PAGE;NAME;TYPE A3;6;1;;PE2;I/O

[Kicad] BGA footprint generator

Here is a little (and dirty) Python script to generate BGA footprints, I need to add the pad skip. This is a part of a « Clean Lib » project for Kicad. The goal will be to have IEC and IPC schematics/footprints ;) If you see any bug or features to add don’t hesitate to come on […]

[Scilab] Plot oscilloscope big csv export

Some days ago I tried to learn more about SPA (Simple Power Analysis attack), I take my Rigol scope and set the Long Memory Mode. I stored the trace in CSV format on my usb key and searched for a way to print a csv with 1 Mega samples… You can forget about Gnumeric, LibreOffice […]

[Current Regulator] Do you need some Spice in your Design (en)

Yes ! You need it. LTSpice Introduction and schematic A little feedback about Spice simulation, at first I was a little skeptical. My first spice schematics was not that good because of « bad » models (understand Ideal models), but more recently at my work I had to use it before prototyping some « complex » analog board (Fet, […]

[Current Regulator] Schematic and PCB (en)

It’s a long long long sunday…. Oups I did it again ;) I took the time to work on this overkill current regulator, for the moment I have a draft of the schematic and a PCB, I’ll etch it during the week I think, but for now I’ll write the code for uC. As usual […]