[CNC Microscope] Erreurs version 0.1 – PCB

Le PCB contient de la version 0.1 contient une erreur particulièrement gênante, les ouvertures du Soldermask sont trop grande conduisant à un grand nombre de court-circuits (montage à la main obligatoire). Comme visible sur la photo et sur la comparaison de Gerber le problème ne se pose pas sur le package QFN (ni sur les […]

[CNC Microscope] Erreurs version 0.1 – Schematique

Petit récapitulatif des erreurs de la version 0.1. Erreurs Schéma Quelques erreurs se sont nichées sur le schéma, autant le dire tout de suite la solution est relativement simple, arrêter d’être fainéant et utiliser le check DRC à chaque fois. – Les signaux « Fault » des 3 DRV8825 ne sont pas connectés (pas obligatoire mais quand […]

[Kicad] Component Schematic Generator

Following the little script for Kicad footprint I did one to speed up the schematic design of component. It basically generate a schematic file from a CSV source and place pin on good pages. Here is the script The CSV format is: Package Name Package Name Page NAME TYPE For example: LFBGA144;LFBGA144_PAGE;LQFP144;LQFP144_PAGE;NAME;TYPE A3;6;1;;PE2;I/O

[Kicad] BGA footprint generator

Here is a little (and dirty) Python script to generate BGA footprints, I need to add the pad skip. This is a part of a « Clean Lib » project for Kicad. The goal will be to have IEC and IPC schematics/footprints ;) If you see any bug or features to add don’t hesitate to come on […]

[Current Regulator] First PCB and Microscope Lightning

Hello, It has been sometimes I didn’t write anything here. I had plenty of projects and things to do ;) At the beginning of this week I finally receive my seeedstudio (a little advertisement for their great quality services !) and as usual it was perfectly synchronized with something I need ! I receive my […]

[Current Regulator] Final Prototype and ESR considerations

Introduction First news the final prototype is working, with all modifications done. 2 days before receiving my Chinese LED the light bulb of my desktop magnifier died in some mysterious ways, simple coincidence or an Enigma of the Mystical… We will never know ;) By the way my LED current regulator seems to be right […]