[Current Regulator] First PCB and Microscope Lightning

Hello, It has been sometimes I didn’t write anything here. I had plenty of projects and things to do ;) At the beginning of this week I finally receive my seeedstudio (a little advertisement for their great quality services !) and as usual it was perfectly synchronized with something I need ! I receive my […]

[Current Regulator] Final Prototype and ESR considerations

Introduction First news the final prototype is working, with all modifications done. 2 days before receiving my Chinese LED the light bulb of my desktop magnifier died in some mysterious ways, simple coincidence or an Enigma of the Mystical… We will never know ;) By the way my LED current regulator seems to be right […]

[Current Regulator] Working « prototype » (en)

I have a working prototype of the current regulator. If you took a look at the previous post, I implemented a totem pole because of some stability problem on the Mosfet switching. It’s always a good idea to drive Power Mosfet with this kind of circuitry if you use an uC. But in that case […]

[Current Regulator] Troubleshooting (en) [Updated]

Hello, Update 2: Even with a Totem-pole there was some problems… After some investigation I was hit by the truth, NEVER FORGET COUPLING CAPACITOR… The first schematics is almost correct, I just need to add some big capa on the VCC, in fact the current on the first switch was too high and put the […]

[Current Regulator] Do you need some Spice in your Design (en)

Yes ! You need it. LTSpice Introduction and schematic A little feedback about Spice simulation, at first I was a little skeptical. My first spice schematics was not that good because of « bad » models (understand Ideal models), but more recently at my work I had to use it before prototyping some « complex » analog board (Fet, […]

[Current Regulator] Schematic and PCB (en)

It’s a long long long sunday…. Oups I did it again ;) I took the time to work on this overkill current regulator, for the moment I have a draft of the schematic and a PCB, I’ll etch it during the week I think, but for now I’ll write the code for uC. As usual […]