[CNC Microscope] Erreurs version 0.1 – PCB

Le PCB contient de la version 0.1 contient une erreur particulièrement gênante, les ouvertures du Soldermask sont trop grande conduisant à un grand nombre de court-circuits (montage à la main obligatoire). Comme visible sur la photo et sur la comparaison de Gerber le problème ne se pose pas sur le package QFN (ni sur les […]

[Kicad] Component Schematic Generator

Following the little script for Kicad footprint I did one to speed up the schematic design of component. It basically generate a schematic file from a CSV source and place pin on good pages. Here is the script The CSV format is: Package Name Package Name Page NAME TYPE For example: LFBGA144;LFBGA144_PAGE;LQFP144;LQFP144_PAGE;NAME;TYPE A3;6;1;;PE2;I/O

[Kicad] BGA footprint generator

Here is a little (and dirty) Python script to generate BGA footprints, I need to add the pad skip. This is a part of a « Clean Lib » project for Kicad. The goal will be to have IEC and IPC schematics/footprints ;) If you see any bug or features to add don’t hesitate to come on […]

[Current Regulator] Schematic and PCB (en)

It’s a long long long sunday…. Oups I did it again ;) I took the time to work on this overkill current regulator, for the moment I have a draft of the schematic and a PCB, I’ll etch it during the week I think, but for now I’ll write the code for uC. As usual […]